Electric Steam Cooker Manufacturer

Electric Steam Cooker

Technical Specification / Applications :
Type Direct Heating by Induction Coils, Open/Closed Boiling
MOC SS 304L or SS 316L Quality
Capacity 50Lit to 150Lit / Custom
Heat Source Electricity 6 to 18 KW / Thermic Fluid
Mounting SS 304 Stand
Lid Opening Hydraulic Mechanism
Tilting Manual/ Gear Box
Agitator Top Mounted (Optional)
Automation As per Requirement (Optional)
Inner Holding Pressure 1 to 1.5 Bar
Agitator Top/Bottom Mounted (Optional)
Suitable for Cooking of - Rice/Dal/Pulses/Vegetables
Frying of Tadka/ Oil/ Shallow Frying
Cooking Time 30 to 40 min
Appplication / Usage Commercial Kitchen/ Food Processing Units/ Industrial Kitchens
Brand Swaraj

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